Animated Shorts

The Academy Garden

The cadets planted a garden to help make the Academy more green. Watch it grow!

Save Energy, Save the Earth

Officer Ward shows you 10 easy ways that YOU can help save the planet!

Trey's Green Life

Trey does his best to live a green life. Discover the simple ways that he helps the environment daily.

Choose a Candidate

Join Dana as she learns about how to research the candidates to make an informed choice.

Packet the Rabbit

Help Packet the Rabbit navigate through the Internet!

Stuart & Scout

Stuart the Safety Bot and Scout have teamed up to help spread the word about online safety.

Trey's Green Life

Help Commander Omni discover what everyone's New Year's resolution is!


Grow an Online Reputation

Growing a positive online reputation can be tough. Do you know what it takes?

Betty's Netiquette Quiz

Are you a good Cyber Citizen? Take Betty's Quiz to test your netiquette know-how!

Catch the Software Bugs

Do you know how to stay safe when playing online games? Try Alan's Challenge and find out!

Cyber Defense Quiz

The Academy challenges you to a battle of smarts! Test your Cyber Defense knowledge with this Quiz!

Scavenger Hunt

Follow the clever clues and use the decoder to unlock secret puzzles and win bonus prizes.

Cyber Defense Tip Cryptograms

Can you solve all of Dr. Keen's challenging cryptograms?

Dana's Cyber Villain Report

Help Dana finish her reports on Cyber Criminals so she can play!

Trey's Word Search

Kick back with Trey and hunt down some Cyber Defense words!

Erika's Cyber Security Crossword

Erika's kooky crossword puzzles will put your brain to the test!


Alan needs your help fixing his computer before he goes crazy!

Fight the Flame War

Help Carlo put out the flames before the Flame War gets out of control!

Catch the Software Bugs

Help Scout catch all the computer bugs before the new semester starts!

Data Overload

Help keep Scout from overloading his circuits by answering as fast as you can!

Dance Dance Malware

The Malware is mocking you! Use your Cyber Defense know-how to defeat those dastardly dancers!

Spot the Differences

How sharp is your eye? Can you beat the clock and find all the differences?

Seasonal Games

Valentine's MisInformation

Can you stop Ms. Information from helping the Master Hacker escape?

Leap Day Word Game

Hunt for cybersecurity words amidst the leaping adware!

St. Patrick's Day Puzzle

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with a green jigsaw puzzle!

Catch the Software Bugs

Celebrate Independence Day with an explosive jigsaw puzzle!


Help Captain Wits protect the Academy from a ghost invasion!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Can you help Carlo collect the food for the Thanksgiving feast?

Winter Matching Game

Show off your memory skills and match the characters!

Let it Snow!

Spread a little seasonal cheer at the Academy with your own snowflake!